Mahmudul Anwar Riyaad

Associate Professor, BUET

Nusrat Jahan Mim

Doctor of Design (DDes) Candidate,
Graduate School of Design, Harvard University

Jury Co-ordinator

Maherul Kader Prince

Lecturer, BUET


Juhan Lee
Gamaleldin Tarakhan
Seokmin Kang
Korea University
Republic of Korea
The new moon slowly reveals itself from the dark surface day by day, slightly bigger, slightly brighter, slightly whiter. Soon the moon is complete. Revealing the completely white surface which lay under its darkness.
The project aims to show the life sequence from birth to death through the material and the changing height of the structure.
The wall of the structure is made of two types of bricks. One being the standard red brick and the other being a brick made of a clay mixture using human bone ash. As there are many ways to remember the dead, many decide to go through the process of cremation and keep the ashes of their loved ones close to them. By making a building component out of these ashes is an alternative way of remembering the dead for a long time. When one is surrounded by these components, one is ought to experience a powerful moment where they are directly exposed to the remains of the dead.


Mohika Proma Sikder
Anik Kumar Chanda

Bangladesh University of Engineering and Technology

“Quietus- A Release From Life”
Death remains at the center of nature and human life. After passing through, the soul is all that remains. Death can be symbolized as the transition from impure to pure form when the soul enters a sacred realm and crosses the threshold energy into endless time.
We used the golden ratio to create a structure that resembles chaotic human life. Nature’s basic elements, from walls to sunken platforms, signify the creation cycle. Sunken platform washed by the light gives the experience of focusing ourselves on communicating with beliefs. The floating-like lands move towards the pure form which is represented through a sphere.
As the ashes are carried to the water, the floor sinks deeply until one must let go. The current then causes people to experience the parting, while the soul teleports to heaven, fulfilling an individual’s soul’s desire by connecting him to the force of the universe, which includes the sky, water, and earth. Under the guidance of waterways and light, the ashes flow into nature in the form of waterfalls and earth, symbolizing the cycle of life and death. Finally, the loved one’s memory is embodied as a light that meets spiritual needs.


Luo Gui Fu
Chen Shu Yu
Tianjin University
Death does not mean the loss of life, but the departure from time. We all go through a period of thinking about life. But as long as we get out of that period, we can be reborn.
Death is the story of everyone and their relatives, but we try to cure death through strangers.The subway station is a place where people gather intensively. We put traffic boxes in the subway station: two spiral downward flow lines intertwined but not intersecting each other enclose a atrium, and interspersed boxes are used to display items. These items are responsible for collecting rebirth souvenirs and the events behind them. Flexible window opening for line of sight interaction. You can leave something and take another thing with you.
In the process of material exchange, there is also an emotional flow between people, which gives us energy to move forward. Strangers here sympathize with each other and understand each other. In this way, we hope to let the reborn put down their heavy memories, complete the release and healing with a sense of ceremony, end the death of the past and usher in a new life.
Xianwen Ma
Kunming University of Science and Technology


Soul Bound provides a bridge between the living and the dead, clearly constructing the boundary between the world of the living and the world of the dead, while interpenetrating each other as if the boundary of the world is cracked here. As time changes, the boundary of the world of the dead will be eroded by rain, while the boundary of the world of the living will remain intact. This difference is more of a reminder to the worshipper not to forget the thoughts of the dead and not to let the deceased truly dissipate into the memories of the world. The forest has always been a symbolic object in the hearts of Latvian people at all times, and being born from the forest and dying in the forest may become a memory and a place of return for countless Latvians.


Rabiul Islam Remon
Sabiha Tuz Subah
Al-Amin Shikder
Rajshahi University of Engineering and Technology
‘And yes! They are not dead! They are just a breach to a parallel world! They are coexisting in a place and searching for light. “The light”, which was the acquisition of their life in interchange for their deed, deal and sin.
They are living with us….” Death” is the world of illusion and A breach of going to another cryptic parallel world. In where one feels the necessity of light! Space! Directions!’
yes! They are not dead!’

What is death? An instance of dying? The state of being dead? Or a Breach of going to another cryptic ‘Parallel World?’

The motion was to trace out a connection between two lives before and after death. The scenario is a segment between the Inner and Upper world The Inner landscape is a boundary between the frantic rhythm of the so-called going world and the timeless interior space. Inner landscape is a vertical path, interpretation of numerous solid forms which derive meaningful stages after death

About the stages, these are ‘The space of Reckoning’,’ The hall of Remembrance’, ‘The space of Inquisition’, ‘The hall way of Heaven’. To relate a pathway of phasing, all the stages are interconnected with floating Bridge which.