Lumion Essentials: Introduction to Architectural Rendering

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Lumion 9/10/11, Adobe Photoshop

Lumion is one of the most time-efficient, simple, and enjoyable 3D rendering software for students and professionals in the architectural field. Its ever-growing enriched library and easy-to-apply weather effects have earned this software the badge of ‘the most efficient architectural rendering software.

Lumion enables designers to focus and contribute more time to the design rather than the rendering process of any particular project. This distinguishes Lumion from any other rendering software/engines establishing more intimate relations with designers and architects.

This course is designed to give a kickstarter to Lumion basics to help participants create a fluent relationship with rendering workflow. It will also guide participants to create their desired rendering style and atmosphere within the shortest possible time.

Course Content

  • Basics of Archviz
  • Navigation and Interface
  • Importing models
  • Import materials
  • Modify materials
  • Ground materials
  • Water and Glass material
  • 3D fur material
  • Adding Foliage
  • 3D grass
  • People and furniture
  • Other effects
  • Lighting
  • HDRI sky
  • Rain, snow, fogs
  • Clouds and Sun control
  • Camera
  • Scenes
  • Default effects
  • Custom effects
  • Atmosphere and mood
  • Scene composition
  • Color scheme
  • Lighting
  • Custom effects
  • Atmosphere and mood
  • Scene composition
  • Color scheme
  • Lighting
  • Custom effects
  • Render passes
  • Color grading
  • Adding and removing subjects
  • Extra tips and tricks


Upon completion of Course contents successfully, certificates will be provided to the participants.

Learning Outcomes

Course Instructor

Mafi Hasan
Architect and Archviz Artist
Founder of Mafiman

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