Introduction to Parametric Design

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Rhino3D is the world’s most versatile architectural modeller. It can create, analyze, edit, and much more. There are almost no limits to the architectural complexity it can produce. Grasshopper is a plugin that automates complex designs far beyond what Rhino3D can do on its own.

It’s no wonder that architects are using Grasshopper 3D to design some of the world’s most prestigious buildings. Grasshopper Software is easy to use. It saves you time and allows you to automate complex designs without programming knowledge.

This course is designed to help you understand how Grasshopper works in a simple and fun way. How parametric design can help you improve your design process and work efficiency. When you understand how it works, you can feel free and independent to build whatever you want to build.

Course Content

  • Welcome
  • Installation and Interface
  • Connection with Rhino
  • Plugin Source and Installation
  • Container and Referencing
  • Bake an object
  • Custom Preview
  • Number Slider
  • Construct a Point
  • Create a Simple Line
  • Create a Simple Vector
  • Create a Simple Circle
  • Create a Simple Ellipse
  • Create a Polygon
  • Create a Simple Rectangle
  • Surface from Closed Curve
  • Populate 2D
  • Voronoi 2D
  • Simple Operators
  • Create a Series of Numbers
  • Create a Range of Numbers
  • Construct a Domain
  • Generate Random Numbers
  • Creating Floorplate outline
  • Replicating floorplates
  • Transformation in floorplate
  • Creating façade surface
  • Surface Paneling
  • Basic Structure
  • Create a Sphere
  • Create a Cylinder
  • Create a Cone
  • Create a Simple Box
  • Create a Pipe
  • Populate 3D
  • Voronoi 3D
  • Move an Object
  • Create Simple Planes
  • Rotate In a Plane
  • Rotate Around an Axis
  • Scale an Object
  • Create a Plane Surface
  • Create a boundary surface
  • Create a 4 point Surface
  • Create an Extrusion
  • Contour Surface
  • Power of Plugins
  • Introduction to Elk
  • Introduction to Parakeet
  • Introduction to weaverbird
  • Introduction to Ladybug, etc
  • Understanding auxetic Pattern
  • Selecting Module
  • Generating Algorithm
  • Implementation of algorithm
  • Visualizing Auxetic transformation
  • Introduction to ghPython
  • Shapefile to QGIS
  • Generating CSV file from GIS data
  • CSV file in grasshopper
  • Generating Land-use Map
  • Generating Height Map
  • Data visualization


Upon completion of Course contents, Five tasks will be provided by the instructor to evaluate the understanding level of the participants. The tasks should be completed within the given timeframe and uploaded to the submission portal. Evaluating the submissions, Certificates will be provided to all the participants.

Learning Outcomes

Course Instructor

Ar. Shuzaul Islam
B.Arch, BUET

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