Introduction to Character Design

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Photoshop / Clip Studio / Autodesk Sketchbook / Any drawing software

What is design? Design is all about problem-solving. To plan, organize, rearrange elements to communicate a solution to a problem. It’s greatly dependent on observation and experience. We get better at design as we observe and experience more. What is a character? It starts with asking questions. Who is the character? Where is this person? When does this person’s story take place? What is this person’s personality, appearance, attitude? The answers to these questions are the building blocks of a character.

Character design is all about organizing these answers together in a cohesive way to visually communicate a strong representation of the original idea. Just like grammar in language, there are design elements that are vital to properly represent the character and bring it to life.

This course is designed to focus on those fundamental elements that are essential for creating memorable characters with strong relatability and storytelling through idea generation, intelligent use of references, exploration and iteration.

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Upon completion of Course contents and practice works certificates will be provided to all the participants.

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Jahin Abrar
B. Arch (L-4, T-1)
Department of Architecture, BUET

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