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Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Snapseed

Architectural photography propagates images of buildings into the wider world, enabling people to view them in a wide variety of circumstances whether in newspapers, books, posters, the internet, or in galleries or museums.

The digital photographic medium is currently on an unprecedented role. Ever-increasing numbers of people are beginning to experiment with the challenges and rewards of this most modern medium. Thanks to the digital revolution, architectural photography, with its endless variety of exciting subjects, has won many new fans among beginners and experienced photographers.

Architectural photographers today are blessed with tons of creative ways to capture and display their subjects.

So, be the one and show people your perspectives.

This course is designed to improve the way of seeing architectural spaces, their details, environments, and how to combine them in a frame.

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Upon completion of Course contents and practice works certificates will be provided to all the participants.

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Noufel Sharif Sojol
Architectural photographer

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