Architectural Illustration & Visualization

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Adobe Photoshop

Architectural visualization & illustration helps to connect the story of any project with the viewers.  This beginner course will go through the basics of using basic sketches & transforming them into digital illustration-based visualization.

Classic architectural black & white 2d drafting has a significant impact on practicing architects & also on students. These drawings are the basis of learning our architectural understanding & knowledge. Adding a new dimension to these classic architectural drawings, new-aged digital illustrations & visualizations are also becoming a popular form of expressing architectural projects. These tools are used to express our ideas from concept to overall outcomes of any particular project. Thus, demonstration of an understanding of basic sketches, drawings & illustrations is required to express the vision of any aspirants.

This course will give a basic knowledge in generating ideas through sketches, 2D & 3D architectural visualizations & lastly, overall presentation techniques of any architectural project.

Course Content

  • Welcome
  • Discussion on some basic techniques
  • Idea thought process
  • Execution of concept
  • Some examples
  • Concept generation
  • Sketching
  • Transformation into photoshop
  • Color scheme
  • Examples
  • Thinking about different views
  • Storytelling
  • Basic ideas for drawing
  • Sketching
  • Types of color scheme & mood
  • Examples
  • Selecting mood
  • Monochrome Visual
  • Line drawings
  • Examples
  • Selecting scheme
  • Combination of different colors
  • Photoshop illustration
  • Transformation from basic image to final outcome
  • Examples
  • Selecting section
  • Identifying scheme
  • Line drawing production
  • Photoshop works
  • Examples
  • Selecting sectional perspective
  • Identifying scheme
  • Line drawing production
  • Photoshop works
  • Examples
  • Understanding the Concept
  • Identifying strength of masterplan
  • Scheme selection according to the Project
  • Line drawing production
  • Photoshop works
  • Examples
  • Three-dimensional base image 
  • Selecting the focus areas
  • Scheme & color
  • Line drawing generation
  • Photoshop Post Production
  • Examples
  • Structuring all the elements
  • Composition of those elements
  • Selecting an overall color scheme
  • Photoshop Post Production
  • Examples


Upon completion of Course contents successfully, certificates will be provided to the participants.

Learning Outcomes

Course Instructor

Taorem Rahul Singha
B.Arch, Department of Architecture, BUET
Lecturer(Part-Time), Department of Architecture, BUET
Lecturer, Department of Architecture, North South University

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