Architectural Design and Build Competition

Flexible Retreat

A modular prototype system for Retreat Space

In association with


The competition aims to re-invent Modular Design in the context of Bangladesh and explore its opportunities in the tourism Sector. The design should culminate in a people centric approach and evolves through an iterative process.

It has been calculated that up to 40% of all newly delivered items are lost during on site building construction. The foundation of off-site fabrication and manufacture is an integrated system, which streamlines the product supply chain, aids architects and builders in managing the quantity of materials required, and enables efficient reuse of any excess resources. Off-site assembly also holds out the possibility of reuse and disassembly. A greener end product is produced by integrating sustainable resources holistically.

The competition also aims to add socio-economic aspects into the existing body of knowledge in the context of a developing country like Bangladesh. The design approach is to not think of it just as a building but as a system. The participants are asked to develop an innovative system of modular construction bearing in mind the cost effectiveness and circularity of the whole system.


“Flexible Retreat” is a two stage architectural Competition organized by ArchTwist Ltd in association with Suvastu Properties Ltd. In the first stage, participants are asked to submit creative design concepts for a modular building system within the framework of Bangladesh’s tourism industry. The submitted entries will go through an extensive jury evaluation process where winners will be selected based on judging criteria.

In the second stage, the winning entries will go through a co-operative and iterative process with industry professionals and craftsmen to build at least one of the winning entries in a specified site. The designers will be incorporated in every step of the building process and be an integral part of the design team.


By participating in the competition, all Participants confirm their acceptance:

  • To the guidelines & regulations of the competition as specified and the decision announced by the panel of Jury.
  • To incorporate the suggestion from the panel of Jury to improve the proposal to qualify as a possible winner/s.
  • All submitted work must be original work of the participants.
  • ArchTwist Ltd and Suvastu Properties Ltd holds the right to use the entries for Research, Promotional and Commercial purposes.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on but not limited to:

• Uniqueness & Innovativeness in Idea
– The underlying thought behind the project and innovativeness of the idea.

• Creative approach
– Creativity in the design approach.

• Cost effectiveness and Circular Economy
– Cost efficiency of the structures. Elaborate thinking about the materials, uses and recyclability.

• Building System and Provisions for Disassembly
– The whole building system design, Construction system and provisions for disassembly.

• Modularity and Flexibility
– Modularity in construction, Flexibility of the building system to adapt to different site context. The design should be context based, not site based.

• Prefabrication
– Standardization of the building modules, thoughts on industrial process and making of the modules. Thoughts about transportation system and module joining system during construction should be clear.

• Presentation and Clarity
– Clarity of the idea and overall aesthetics of the presentation.

Please refer to the REFERENCE PAPER to have an elaborate idea of the competition topic.


Dr. Khandaker Shabbir Ahmed
Professor and Dean

Nazmul Haque Khan
Managing Director
Suvastu Properties Ltd

Rashed H Chowdhury
Principal Architect

Maherul Kader Prince
Assistant Professor


1st Stage

Total Prize Money

৳ 1,00,000

Jury Awards

-50,000 BDT
-Proceed to 2nd Stage

1st Runner UP
-25,000 BDT
-Proceed to 2nd Stage


2nd Runner UP
-15,000 BDT
-Proceed to 2nd Stage


Gold Mention
Number of Entries:
(Based on juror’s recommendation)

Honorable Mention
Number of Entries:
(Based on juror’s recommendation)

People's Choice Award

-10,000 BDT

Shortlisted entries will be shared on our social media pages (Facebook & Instagram). Entries with the highest number of reactions in total from all media will be given this award.

2nd Stage

Workshop and Build

All the winners(Winner, 1st Runner Up, 2nd Runner Up) from the 1st stage will proceed to the 2nd stage of the competition where they will go through an “DESIGN AND BUILD” process. They will work with craftsman and industry professionals and work hands on to build ATLEAST 01 project from the winning entries. No entry fee needed for the 2nd stage.


1st Stage

01 November, 2022

Early Bird Registration Begins

15 November, 2022

Standard Registration Begins

19 December, 2022

Last Minute Registration Begins

15 January, 2023

Submission Ends

20 January, 2023

Shortlist Entry and Public Voting Begins

30 January, 2023

Public Voting Ends

February, 2023

Result of First Stage

2nd Stage



-This competition is open for both students and professionals.
-Individual or Team (Maximum 03 participants) Registration.
-A participant can submit multiple entries but each submission must be registered separately.
-Students and professionals from any disciplines are eligible to participate. Multidisciplinary teams are encouraged.

Registration Fee

BDT amount is applicable for Bangladeshi Participants. USD amount is applicable for participants outside Bangladesh.

Campus Registration (Until 01 December, 2022): 1,500 BDT | 20 USD
Early Bird Registration: 2,000 BDT | 25 USD
Standard Registration: 2,500 BDT | 35 USD
Last Minute Registration: 3,000 BDT | 50 USD

*To be eligible for campus registration, minimum of 10 teams from the same institution need to register together before 01 December, 2022. For each participant team, the registration fee will be 1,500 BDT (20 USD for participants outside Bangladesh).
Contact: for campus registration.

No registration fee is needed for stage 02.