Architecture Admission 2023

One-stop architecture admission exam 2023 guidance by the students of the Department of Architecture BUET for HSC 2022 examinees.

art work by Taorem Rahul

Based On Admission syllabus 2023

This course will cover architecture admission syllabus of all the major universities across the country, including BUET, CUET, RUET, KUET, SUST and private universities.

Admission Guide book 2023

You will get one hard copy of the admission guidebook prepared by the students of the Architecture Department, BUET for the architecture admission exam 2023 included in the course fee.

Best Teachers at affordable price

The course will be conducted by the 2018 Batch of BUET architecture department students. ArchTwist will coordinate and monitor the classes, mock tests, and evaluation process.

Class Recording after Live Class

You will get all the class recordings after live classes. You will also receive class works files, resources and other materials done by the instructors right after finishing the class.

Live class, Mock Tests, Evaluation.

Live classes will take place on ZOOM. Assignments and Test will be held and evaluted on google classroom. There will be exams on individual topics and similar to the final exams.

On Campus support on exam days

Members of ArchTwist will be there to support our examinees on exam days.

Course Content Details

Class 01

Introduction class

  • Brief on the syllabus, exam style of various universities across the country.
  • Strategy discussion for the comprehensive preparation for the final exams.
  • Class co-ordination and evaluation process explanations.
  • How to use course materials and guide books.
  • Question and answer session.
  • Motivation and inspiration.

Class 02

2D Composition

  • Elements: Dots, Straight Lines, Curve Lines, Circle, Triange, Polygons, Planes and Shapes.
  • Properties of various elements.
  • Composition Properties- Balance, Rhythm, Progression, Focus
  • Practicing 2D composition 
  • Judging a composition with Axis, Motion, Focus, Depth, Interlocking, Solid-void relationship and Dynamism

Class 03

3D composition

  • Basics of perspective
  • Shade, Shadow and Lighting basics
  • 3D positioning of elements on  a plane
  • Enhanced work on Shade, Shadow and lighting.
  • Composition with 3D basic shapes-Cube, Sphere, Hemisphere, Pyramid and Prism.
  • Composition with real objects and relation with basic shapes.

Topical Exam 01

Topical exam on Composition

  • 90 minutes
  • 2D composition, 3 items
  • 3D composition, 1 item

Class 04

Book cover

  • Practice and enhanced work on Lettering
  • Page layout and composition
  • Practicing design of various books
  • Magazine and publication


  • Introduction to logos
  • Generating ideas behind a logo

Class 05


  • Designing Logo for commercial brands, social organizations and others
  • Enhanced work on idea generations
  • Logo Design practice and evaluation


  • Composition in poster
  • Generating concepts and Ideas
  • Working with social issues
  • Poster Design practice and Evaluation

Topical Exam 02

Topical exam on Logo, Poster and Book Cover

  • 90 minutes
  • Logo, 2 items
  • Book Cover, 1 item
  • Poster, 1 item

Class 06

One Point Perspective

  • Basic line drawing
  • Introduction to various terms
  • vision point/ vanishing point, horizon
  • Perceiving a particular object from different perspective
  • Interior in one Point perspective
  • Practice and evaluation

Class 07

One point perspective

  • Practicing one point interior
  • One point perspective in exterior drawings
  • Focusing on streets and buildings
  • Practice and evaluation

Class 08

Two point perspective

  • Perceiving an object from different perspective with two vanishing points.
  • Keys to draw two point perspective.
  • Practicing two point perspective  interior drawing
  • Practicing two point perspective exterior drawing
  • Evaluation

Topical Exam 03

Topical exam on Perspective Drawings

  • 90 minutes
  • One point perspective, 2 items
  • Two point perspective, 1 item

Class 09

Basic of Visual and Spatial Intelligence

Class 10

Application and exercises of Visual and Spatial Intelligence

Class 11

From different perspective and posture. Drawing various human activity

Class 12

Human figure (Using human figure to perceive scale of a space. Drawing two interactive human. Ex Wrestler, player etc. Drawing a perspective with human figure)

Topical Exam 04

Topical exam on Human Figure

  • 90 minutes
  • Human figures, 3 items

Class 13

Scenario Drawing (Drawing scenario with one/ two point perspective and human figure. Key to draw scenario)

Class 14

Scenario Drawing (Drawing scenario with one/ two point perspective and human figure. Key to draw scenario)

Topical Exam 05

Topical exam on Scenario Drawing

  • 90 minutes
  • 3 items

Final Mock Test 01

Final Mock Test 01

Final Mock Test 02

Final Mock Test 02

Who is this course for?

This course is suitable for all architecture admission 2023 examinee across the country. The syllabus of this course will cover the syllabus of architecture admission exams of BUET, RUET, CUET, KUET, KU, SUST and other public and private universities.

What do I need to join this course?

You need a mobile phone/laptop/Desktop or any other device and internet connectivity.

How do I get the admission guide book?

We will send the hardcopy of the Guidebook to your postal address. Please provide the  full postal address in the registration form. No extra delivery charge needed!

Who will teach?

The course will be conducted by the students of 2018 Batch of BUET architecture department. ArchTwist will co-ordinate and monitor the class, tests and evaluation process.

How do I register?

Make the payment via bKash, Fill up the form below. Done!!

Registration is OPEN!
Maximum 30 Students Per batch

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